Tuesday, August 15, 2006


I've had problems with my blogspot account lately.

Until I get it solved the blog will be temporarily on Hiatus.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Making Noodles

Just got back from a company farewell dinner at Aurora Court.

As a food junkie, I appreciated what happened next. They made their handmade noodles in front of us all! And lucky me, my table is right in front.


Will get some pictures up as soon as Blogspot lets me.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Dragon_4eva's favourite fruit

Fruits are good for you. But what is Dragon_4eva's favourite fruit?

Has to be the Dragon Fruit lar.

Its just so nice. Plus its a DRAGON fruit. Surely a Dragon can appreciate that right?

I mean, even READERS DIGEST featured it.


Well... I'm back. Laptops been out of commission for the past week, but I'm back! expect several posts up soon

Monday, July 31, 2006

My Malaysia

I like Bolehland's weekly blog discussion topics.

This week's one is no different.

What is My Malaysia is this week's discussion.


I'm Malaysian. Nothing can detract from that statement.

I always say I miss Melbourne. But I will always consider Malaysia my home.

That was the reason I ran around town looking for a Malaysian flag in Melbourne during the 2004 Merdeka celebration.

That was the reason I took a tram to the suburbs to look for it.

That was the reason I forked out 96 AUD for two large flags.

That was the reason I carried the flag proudly to Uni, back to town, and during our Merdeka celebrations.

Malaysia is my home.

That is what it always will be first and foremost.

And that is why I will always like the place.

There isn't much I can wish for in terms of change in Malaysia.

But if there was one thing, I would like Sarawak and East Malaysia to be given more opportunities.

Our roads, development and such are years behind what is going on in West Malaysia.

While we are developing, I can't help but think that we're being left behind somewhat.

If we were to want to make a better Malaysia, I would think that is one thing we need to do.

We need more equality.

Not only between East and West Malaysia, but also between all races.

Do not discriminate between who should be accepted into Universities, Schools, or who should get loans, or cheap housing based on race, but on achievements, and requirements.

We're one nation.

I would think that everyone deserves that to say the least.

Don't get me wrong here.

I'm not saying there's anything wrong in what is going on now.

Its just that with news reports of people getting 14A1s in their SPM and being rejected by a University is just wrong.

By all means, keep what we are doing up, just give some deserving people their opportunities.

That aside, one of my fondest memories of my childhood is from the 1993 Merdeka Celebrations.

I was part of those celebrations, held here in Kuching.

I was one of the performers.

I performed for our countries leaders, for Malaysia.

I can still remember what we did so vividly.

We were one that day.

Sarawak was part of the whole Merdeka Celebrations.

We were ALL in it together.

Preparing, practicing.

As we prepare for the 2006 Merdeka Celebrations, again to be held here, I cant help but wonder.

Will we be able to show what Sarawak is all about, and bring more into making Malaysia, truly, whole.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Sarawak Club Burnt down...


I'm sad now.

Sarawak club burnt down.

I got the news from a friend this morning, and I was skeptical at first.

Whats more he's in Australia. What? Kuching guy studying in Melbourne gets the news before me, and here I am, not knowing what happened?

I wasn't so sure until I saw it for myself.




Here are some pictures... Not from me, its circulating through email. I wanted to get some pics from the top floor of civic centre, but the lifts are all out, and the 3rd and 2nd floors are under renovation.

The pictures I got are not much different from the ones from the email, other than the quality of the ones from the email are much better than the ones I took with my camera phone.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Gone. Its all GONE!

Somehow you wonder what is going to happen now.

While they will have insurance, its going to be a while before it gets back up.

And what of the members now?

Will you still continue to collect fees?

Where will the income be from?

What of the employees?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Main hall. poof

There go those beautiful wooden beams that held up the main hall.

There go those old plaques from the club of old, when golf was still played where the civic centre is now.

There go those pictures, those trophys, those golfing memorabilia.

The books in the Library.

The equipment in the gym.

The snooker tables in the snookerium.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Fire... so damaging...

What happens to records of members?

If I have a book checked out of the library do they know?

If we spend some money for a good dinner in the restaurant would they know?

What more to say part of Sarawak Club is NEWLY RENOVATED. Fine, this is mostly the carpark and that security booth, but then again, to have something like this to happen?

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Restaurant. Gone.

The passing of a Kuching Icon.


Update: Kenny Sia put up a picture HERE. It gives a better feel of the proper damage.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Miss Universe 2006

Miss Universe 2006 just finished.

I'm a little disappointed with the results though. Miss Puerto Rico was crowned this year, with Miss Japan getting 1st runner up.

Miss Puerto Rico and Miss Universe 2006, Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza

After the question and answer session, I was certain Miss Japan would have won. She has better looks than Miss Puerto Rico, and she has command of several languages. Not just one or two. Japanese, English, Spanish, to name a few. On the other hand, Miss Puerto Rico was only able to answer the question posed to her in Spanish. I think it was Spanish anyway.

Miss Japan and 1st Runner Up, Kurara Chibana

With Miss Japan Kurara Chibana displaying great language skill, I would have thought she would have been a better ambassador to carry the title Miss Universe. While Miss Puerto Rico Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza did have a great answer to her question, she displayed limited language skills. To me anyway, I would have prefered someone who is able to communicate in several languages, instead of needing to have an interpreter in tow.

Still, the judges thought otherwise, crowning the Puerto Rican Miss Universe 2006.

The prizes she won included a new wardrobe. Full wardrobe. Dresses, shoes, the like. Makeup, hair products for a year. Tiara and Crown. Not to mention cash prizes from several of the sponsors as well.

Melissa Ann Tan, Miss Malaysia 2006.

Malaysia din't do all that badly. I guess.

She wore a Samurai outfit.


She looked better during the show with straight hair IMHO

Her cover shot

Obviously my favourite is still Miss Japan.

Miss Costa Rica, Fabriella Quesada, one of the beauties.

Miss China, Ying Hui Gao

Miss Singapore, Carol Cheong. Supposedly in a Evening Gown. How that is an Evening Gown I don't know.

Update: Miss Universe Zuleyka Rivera Mendoza later fainted after receiving her crown. The spell was blamed on her overly tight dress, which earlier saw her having some difficulty while walking on stage.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Of Golf and Stuff

I had a game of golf yesterday.

My first in a fair number of months.

Somehow, after going to Melbourne, not playing for a year apart from one or two games, then coming back here, I just don't have the love of the game that I used to.

Still. I play once in a while.

Yesterday was once of those whiles.

Just for the heck of it, I decided to test that old golfing joke.

Why do did the golfer wear two pairs of socks to the golf course?

And I found out that it is SO TRUE!

In case he gets a hole in one!



Ouch that was lame.